What This Means To Me

Being fit, active, and healthy is very important to me.  It is now just a lifestyle for me. I could not imagine eating the way I used to eat or not doing my workouts in the morning. I know teach multiple fitness classes and am working to help others reach their health goals.  All of these combined make me feel stronger and ready to go.

I feel as if I missed out on a lot when I was overweight.  There were many things I could not do. On our honeymoon to Jamaica I could not ride the horses, climb the falls, and every day I had to go back to the room to rest. Not being able to take a bike ride with my husband or kids is just something I could never go back to.

I would love to reach out and help others reach their goals and help them to learn to live healthy, active lifestyles. Please ask me questions or give suggestions on anything you would like to see on my page. Whatever you need help with, I will do my best to help.