What a Week!!!

Cutting I Can’t Do It to I Can Do It Paper Sign with Scissors on a white background. 3d Rendering

My boys this past week have been dealing with the flu. Many sleepless nights and lots of sad, sick kids is no fun at all. I believe we are finally past it and guess what? I did not turn to food!!! YAY!!! I know this may not sound like much of an accomplishment to some but this is for me!
Normally after a lot of stress or boredom(being stuck in the house for a week and a half), I turn to food to comfort me. This time I turned to prayer, exercise, and yoga. What? Yoga….I have never been the yoga type. Haha, It has helped me in the evenings distract myself from the food and focus on something else positive.
I am feeling good. I can look back on the week and know I did not use food as a crutch. This is a great step for me and I am looking at food differently. As I said before this is an ongoing challenge that started as a child and it will always be a challenge. I can overcome though.

How was your week? What have been your struggles? Let’s work through together!!